Book One

Lucifer Rising

When the world they love the most comes to the brink of destruction, two earth bound angels must seek their kin and redemption in order to save it.

Chapter 1 : The Reunion

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Chaper One

The Reunion

August 1, 2022

Archangel Samael begins reuniting with his angelic brethren incarnated on earth.


Redemption : Book One : Prologue

GALACTIC COUNCIL MEETINGLOCATION: GALACTIC CENTRE – MILKY-WAYEARTH TIME: ~14,000 BCE “THE GALACTIC COUNCIL WILL NOW COME TO ORDER” a booming male voice proclaimed, followed by three bangs of some sort of gavel. “This council is gathered to finalize the decision about the planet called Terra-Gaia. Before we continue this council Recognizes Archangels Samael and Archangel Shamsiel, collectively known as Archangel…

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