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Adventures like this always work out better if you have a plan than if you don't. This is a big step for most couples or families attempting this kind of move. So for us, the plan so far is pretty simple. At tax time this year we plan on getting our first rig. Then spending the rest of this year fixing it up, and then taking it out on excursions,

At first going out for the weekend, then a week, then 2 weeks, ext ... until it is full time by the end of the year, when the loan on our car is done. At that time the asset value will help us get a truck to match the camper (Deff. need a 4x4 where we live. Winters are nasty to drive without one). And hopefully still have enough left from that to either upgrade our rig, or to upgrade to a different rig that would be more suiting moving forward.

Of course this is just the basic nuts of the plan. There is allot more micro stuff being planned under the hood as it were, like preparing now for next winter, getting the rig to be power independent (Off Grid), etc ..

So that is the plan at this point, as we move forward the plan will inevitably change and fluctuate. And when that happens we will let you know of those changes, So check back every so often to this page for updates.

The Adventure Begins

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Banff, Alberta

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22 Days

July 10 – 31, 2022


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