“THE GALACTIC COUNCIL WILL NOW COME TO ORDER” a booming male voice proclaimed, followed by three bangs of some sort of gavel.

“This council is gathered to finalize the decision about the planet called Terra-Gaia. Before we continue this council Recognizes Archangels Samael and Archangel Shamsiel, collectively known as Archangel Helel; Please Step forward Angels of the Prime Creator.” The booming voice finished.

Two winged humanoid beings stepped into the large round space. The council room was about the size of earths moon. Many beings of all sizes and shapes were part of this council and was designed in a circular fashion, in layers. Each layer containing several smaller isolated environments that catered to each species. These surrounded a large ‘court’ where the council would hear please from around the galaxy. The Angels that entered were 17 & 20 feet tall, their wings made of pure light, glowing like a sun. They were clad in golden armour that had its own ‘golden glow’ emanating from within.

The magnificence of the two angels was so great it made all council members stand and kneel in reverence.

“Honoured Council members and children of the Prime Creator it is we that should kneel in reverence to you” Archangel Samael said with a booming voice that echoed throughout the room for several minutes as both him and Shamsiel knelt.

After several minutes Samael stepped forward “We are here to beseech the council to abstain from the destructive reset of Terra-Gaia and the human species that resides on her surface.”

“While we are honoured by the very presence of not just one but two of the Prime Creators most powerful angels, we cannot overlook the destructive nature of the ‘Human-Terran’ species. Their war like nature would bring chaos to this galaxy. We will not allow that to happen again; we are still recovering from the recent Orion wars”

“Honoured council, you may not be aware, but it is the Draco themselves who are responsible for orchestrating the fall of Man. While Man is in its infancy despite events, they are not directly responsible for all their actions. Karma is clear on this matter” Samael bellowed.

“We appreciate the reminder regarding the laws of karma Lord Samael, but they are still guilty of their part, so unless you have good reason for us to sway our decision” he finished

Behind Samael, Shamsiel put her hand on Samael’s right shoulder and smiled then stepped forward.

“Honoured council, we propose our soul light as divine compliments to hold light and space for humanity to come into their own. We can interfere and block the Draco only when Universal laws are bent or broken, that will remain our domain” Shamsiel finished, returning to standing slightly behind Samael’s right side.

There was a loud uproar in the council chamber as the offer from 2 of the creators most powerful angels sunk in. BANG, BANG, BANG came the sound of the gavel “This council will come to order” a now familiar booming voice came.

“This council would be neglecting it’s duty if it did not ask the two of you if you understand the consequences of this choice?”

Samael stepped forward a few steps, flung open both wings, his face stern but firm in his resolve “Honoured Council, we would not be here otherwise” Samael informed forcefully “Our choice goes with the grace and honour of the Prime Creator. Honoured Council, we do not go alone” He finished.

“Archangels of the almighty creator, you honour us, your sacrifice shames us. And your grace overwhelms us.”

And one by one each ‘evo pod’ flew down, depositing one representative who then moved forward and knelt, bowing in reverence to the two archangels who were about to do something that they themselves would not. Each one now pledging their allegiance to the two Angels. The first of them was Sanat Kumara, Lord of Venus, Earth, and Logos of SOL.

“Then so be it, prepare yourselves, for events have been set in motion that now cannot be changed. But a dispensation will be put into the plan. From the humans choose 12 cultures to be saved. These 12 cultures of earth will serve as the 12 divine tribes of earth. Your presence at this council has honoured us in ways I cannot express. This day and your sacrifice will not go unforgotten.” The chairperson finished and bowed.

Samael turned to Sanat Kumara “From this day forth you shall be known to Earth as the Ancient of Days, go now and gather your people, in the sacred number of 144,000. From them create 12 tribes of 12,000. These will be your volunteers; they will incarnate into the chosen 12 cultures of Earth. Go now children of the Prime Creator. We will gather once more before the spoken event; we will gather at the council chambers of Saturn. There the plans will be laid. There we will begin the long road of sacrifice. Know that your sacrifices in the days to come will not go unrewarded. So go now, prepare as we must, go with the love, light, and grace of the Creator of all things.” He instructed then turned to Shamsiel “Dear heart,” he began “My light, my life, my soul.” Pausing to gently grab her hands “Wherever you go, my heart and soul are yours. Let us prepare now. For the way forward looks dark. Let us go and shine as blindingly bright beacons in the darkness, lighting the way.” He finished.

Shamsiel lowered her head and stepped into Samael’s chest “Then so be it” She added.

The two mighty angels turned and walked out of the council chambers; leaving the facility as two bright sparks of light, so bright they dwarfed the light of the galaxy itself.

After the council departed Sanat Kumara followed the instruction of the Archangel Samael and put out a mighty call for volunteers to come, to come and save a world and save a species. The call went out across the entirety of creation, A mighty bellow the likes creation has never heard before. He did not have to wait long, for before he knew it, the ranks of the 144,000 were filled. And to his further surprise, half of them were Angels of the Mighty Creator. They gathered and began their journey to the Council of Saturn. There they would lay the final details for everyone’s role(s) of the coming incarnations on Earth. The roles of the two mighty Archangels would then be made clear.


Sanat Kumara, accompanied by Lady Venus were the first to arrive. Not surprising as they always like to be early. However, they did not have to wait long before other souls of various dimensional vibrations from the 7th to the 12th. Included in these were a large group of Seraphim Angels lead by two angels that looked almost exactly like the Archangels Samael and Shamsiel, their attire was different however, their energy was stronger, more warrior like than Samael and Shamsiel, yet the likeness was extremely striking. It was like Truth and Justice itself just walk in.

The two angels stepped forward to greet Sanat Kumara “I am Archangel Khamael” The male angel said, “And I am Archangel Seraphina. We are honoured to meet you Great Sanat Kumara. “

“The honour Is all mine oh great angels of the lord almighty. For you and your seraphim to answer the bodes extremely well for the success of our combined mission to Earth.” Sanat said bowing to the two.

“Oh, great Ancient of Days, Archangel Samael and Shamsiel have no idea we are here.”

“Then it is even more joyous. For God has blessed this mission already. We are humbled beyond words Mighty Lords.”

At that moment Samael and Shamsiel entered. Shocked and elated with the presence of so many powerful souls, including the presence of some of his very own Seraphim. The two were filled with gratitude and joy.

Samael then noticed Khamael in the crown walking up to him they put their foreheads together in a gesture of brotherly honour “Brother!” Samael said the two embraced “We were not expecting you, hoping, but not expecting. I know your duties for the Lord keep you very busy.” He paused to turn and embrace Seraphina “Dear sister it Is god’s grace itself that brings you here, both of you.” He finished stepping back.

“Are you kidding brother, we would not miss this nothing.” Seraphina assured him.

The large group made their plans together over the next several earth years.

With the plans laid, and every soul happy with their proposed path forward for Earth, and the execution of the Prime Creators will for Earth they just had to now wait for the moment of the upcoming event. The 12 cultures were chosen, and emissaries of the Creator were sent forth to guide them forward to survival during the great upcoming tribulation. Then the mission of the rest would start.

COMING SOON – Book 1 : Chapter One : The Reunion

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